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In the summer of 2018, Youth Music Theatre Scotland celebrated it's 10th year!

To celebrate, we got in contact with alumni for our anniversary gala

and this is what they had to say...


L-J Cleave

"Everyone who makes YMTS happen is amazing from the teachers to the performers. Everyone who was a part of YMTS was always kind and supportive of each other making it one of the most positive experiences possible."

Kieran Hotchkiss

"YMTS is an amazing theatre company to get involved with as it doesn’t matter what you wish to pursue in theatre they will accommodate it. If that’s be onstage or offstage there will be something you can focus on during the show. It’s also a great way to build friendships, confidence and experience in a professional environment."


Robin MacKenzie

"I have found that my experiences with YMTS have given me a real insight into how to behave and work maturely on and around a stage. But above all It has taught me how to feel comfortable whilst performing and inspired me to go forward and pursue a career in performing arts."

Sarah Brown Cooper

"As I am, firstly, a dancer, I hadn’t had a lot of exposure to shows which combine singing, dancing and acting which is exactly what YMTS offers. I tried to soak up every bit of experience I could get. One thing that has benefitted me specifically from these projects was working on and sticking to harmonies. Having that experience helped me greatly when starting out in further training."



"My biggest YMTS inspiration was always Kenny - doing the Red, Stick Stock Stone Dead, Hamelin projects they were all more his baby, but I took part in these projects just as I was really getting into playing guitar and songwriting - something Kenny always had a clear resounding knowledge and wise wisdom around. Having that knowledge and guidance just as I was getting into what is now my career definitely put me on the right path."

Joe Kinnear

"I feel a huge amount of priviledge to have been involved with YMTS in the multifaceted ways that I have. The company gave me the opportunity to become a performer, practitioner, props maker, producer, assistant director, often painter, sometimes tech crew hybrid and I’ve already had to use so many of these skills in my course at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland."


Hana MacKenzie

"To anybody thinking of applying for YMTS - just do it! You will learn so much in such a short space of time and gain skills and confidence that will help you in all aspects of your life. By the end of your time with YMTS, everyone is so close; you will have made a whole group of new friends. And it's just fun! So go for it."

Liam Vincent-Kilbride

"Making the most of the time and more importantly your own time- as a team we had to be on the ball to make sure we could create the best production in the shortest of time. 
However in regards to time I realised autonomous learning was an important skill in theatre. Between casting and the start of rehearsal it was important that you took the to work on the material yourself and learn as much as possible. Something I’ve taken with me into my career."


Katie Forrest

"Every project came with a different experience, needing different skills for each one. The most useful skills and ones I still use today are communication and team building. These were both important skills that I learned and developed through projects as often you would have to work with others and support each other to get the job done. "

Connor Wallace

"My biggest YMTS inspiration is hands down Jane Rigby. She had to put in one heck of a shift for every show we did, and it must have been a nightmare. Mad props to Jane, not all heroes wear capes. Some make them and distribute them amongst unruly children."


Grace McGill

"One of my favourite moments with YMTS was performing as Carmen in Fame. The musical is so high energy and full of ensemble dance numbers! I loved the bright colours and big 80s hair and singing a really iconic song with an amazing ensemble beside me. It was so much fun!"

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