13th August

Opening night was a huge success!

After three extremely demanding (and often stressful) days of rehearsals, which included two consecutive dress runs yesterday before the show opened, the “Into the Woods” cast pulled it out the bag. Cast members performances may have been good but the unique energy that opening night brings transformed them. There was a buzz both backstage and onstage as the evening progressed and people felt that we were definitely doing something right.

The set, costume and lighting created a vibrant visual backdrop for the performance. The tech team (including sound of course) have been working so hard to follow such a complex piece and are doing an incredible job.

We had a fantastic and receptive audience in last night as well; something that undoubtedly lifts any performance. There were hardly any empty seats in the house and to receive a standing ovation for our opening performance was wonderful and an indication that the night was a success.

We have five shows left. If the cast can approach each one with the same level (or more!) of energy and commitment we are sure to have a brilliant run. I am looking forward to our second show tonight. For the roles that have been double cast, several cast members will have their first show as their respective characters.

Picture 1) Mother/daughter bonding. Picture 2) Jack’s mum sold the cow for a chicken wrap. Picture 3) The Witch is needy and asks for any spare change.

Get your tickets soon because as our Cinderella says, “opportunity is not a lengthy visitor”.

If you haven’t caught any of the YMTS snapchat story, here are some of the moments that our backstage helper Joe Kinnear caught on camera.

Picture 1) The Baker’s Wife and Cinderella’s Prince bring their love affair backstage. Picture 2) Cinders targets Rapunzel’s twins in an act of rivalry. Picture 3) Jane and Joe celebrating the end of our first show!

Emma McFarlane – Participant Journalist.

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